Davichi's Lee Haeri says she can sing K-Pop better than Sistar's Hyorin

Davichi's Lee Haeri thinks she's better at K-Pop than Sistar's Hyorin.

On April 20th, Davichi made a guest appearance on MNET's "The Beatles Code 2". On the show, Haeri was asked,"Between you and Sistar's Hyorin, who do you think is better at singing?" and made her panic.

Lee Haeri and Hyorin are considered as one of the best female singers, so upon this question she carefully asnwered,"Our styles are different","I think I sing K-Pop songs better and Hyorin is better at Pop songs"

Then Shindong jokingly said,"What's the use of a Korean who is good at singing Pop song?", and made Haeri even more panic.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET