Core Contents Media absolves 17-year old hacker

Entertainment company Core Contents Media decided to forgive the young hacker who hacked its website.

Recently, Core Contents Media’s homepage was hacked and then shut down. The company had filed a report to the Gangnam police station and the hacker was arrested and investigated on May 16.

The hacker was found out to be a 17 year old high school student who lives in Gangwon province, and he turned himself in with his mother. He confessed that the hacking was done out of curiosity. The hacker and his mother also went to Core Contents Media’s office to formally apologize.

The company has decided to show some leniency since the hacker was a minor. “We requested the cyber investigation team of Gangnam district police department to forgive the 17 year old hacker.” The company added that even though they heavily suffered, they decided to forgive the student and asked him to never do such a thing again.