Chris Brown’s poor treatment toward T-ara N4 angers fans

T-ara N4 recently performed at the Las Vegas Palms Pool but ended up being treated poorly not only by the audience but also Chris Brown himself which angered many fans and netizens.

On May 30, new video of T-ara N4’s “Countryside Diaries” performance at the Palms Pool Party was uploaded online. In the middle of performance, Chris Brown cut off to promote his new single saying, “My new single featuring Aaliyah is called ‘They Don't Know’. We might sneak peek it for you right now.”

When Chris Brown was done talking, the music came back and the ladies of T-ara N4 continued with their performance but they could not hide their confusion and shock. After the performance, there were sounds of booing and someone even shouted, “Get off the stage!”.

Watch the clip below.