Chocolat Profile

 Group name: Chocolat (쇼콜라)
Label: Paramount Music Entertainment
Debut date: August 17, 2011
Debut song: Syndrome


Stage Name: Juliane 
Birth Name: Juliane Alfieri
Nickname: Eye Queen
Birth Date: December 12, 1993
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Position: Vocalist
Nationality: Korean-American

Stage Name: Jaeyoon 
Birth Name: Lee Eun Jung
Birth Date: May 15, 1991
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Position: Main Vocalist
Nationality: Korean

Stage Name: Tia 
Birth Name: Tia Hwang Cuevas
Nickname: Pretty Star
Birth Date: March 15, 1997
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Face of The Group
Nationality: Korean-American

Stage Name: Melanie 
Birth Name: Melanie Aurora Lee
Birth Date: May 5, 1997
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer & Maknae
Nationality: Korean-American

Stage Name: Min Soa
Birth Name: Choi Min Ji
Birth Date: June 10, 1989
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Position: Leader & Lead Vocalist
Nationality: Korean

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