Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In feels embarrased

Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In was a guest on SBS‘ “One Night of TV Entertainment“ last May 22.
She shared her experience with Psy's 'Gentleman'. Unfortunately, not all experiences are good.
Ga In disclosed the fish cake and street pole scenes. She said, "Honestly, the fish cake with mayonnaise didn't taste good. Plus, the people also commented that it's an adult-rate comedy act, so it's kind of painful. After that, I can’t eat anything long like a hot dog in public." 

Another, the street pole scene was kind of embarrassing for her. She said, “There was a street pole dancing scene, it looked weird from far away. I was so embarrassed.”
Watch again Psy's 'Gentleman' to understand Ga In:

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SOURCE: officialpsy