Asia’s most popular audition to visit Berklee College of Music!!

Asia’s leading audition program will visit the Berklee College of Music, PSY’s alma mater, to discover next superstar!!

CJ E&M’s music channel Mnet has introduced a new format of preliminary audition for this year’s as an attempt to discover hidden musical talents. Dubbed “visiting audition,” has been holding preliminaries in various locations over the country, and now it will go abroad, the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The visiting audition at Berklee will convene at Fordham Road Practice Facility at 2 PM on May 28th.

Known as the largest independent college of contemporary music, the school’s alumni include famous musicians, such as Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Keith Jarrett, along with K-POP phenomena PSY and 2NE1’s Park Bom.

As for , several students of Berklee have applied for: Jung Sun-kook advanced into Top 10 in ’s inaugural season in 2009, and so did Kim Jung-hwan at last year. Producers of said, “We are very excited to have an audition at Berklee College of Music. We are wondering what kind of applicants we will meet there, a city full of world’s musical genius.”

Moreover, Mnet has released schedules of regular preliminaries to be held in North American cities: Los Angeles and New York on May 25th, and Vancouver on May 28th. It is the first time for to hold auditions in Boston(Berkley) and Vancouver.

For those who want to give it a try, online application is acceptable at its official website (, and it’s also available to fill in the application form on site. For the applicants overseas, application will be open until June 27th via online UCC and smart phone application ‘Mnet Star.’

The first episode of will be aired at 11 PM on August 9th. Since its first season launched in 2009, has been discovering talented singers: Seo In-guk, Huh Gak, Ulala Session, Busker Busker, Roy Kim, and many more. Now it is regarded as the best singing audition program of Korea, having generated the audition boom across Asia.

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