Who’s Next ‘PSY’? The Asia’s Largest and Most Popular Audition, is Coming!

 “If you think you’ve got a musical talent, give it a try!”
Adam Lambert, Cheered for !
Mobile and Online Application is OPEN!

The Asia’s largest and most popular audition program is going to return for its 5th season.

CJ E&M, the Asia’s leading total contents company, announced that its music channel Mnet open applications for  . Now anyone around the world can apply for simply by installing mobile application titled “Mnet Star." Also Korea's best use mobile messenger application Kakaotalk is available for global applicants(Be PlusFriend with Mnetglobal and type in 'Apply'). You can also upload a video clip or a recording file of yourself singing on Mnet’s official global website ‘M Wave’ (http://mwave.interest.me).   

For those who pass the first round, information on time and location for second round will be informed later. According to CJ E&M, regional preliminaries will be held from April to July; the first episode of is scheduled to be broadcast in August.

Upon hearing about the application opening, Adam Lambert, a globally popular musician from which is the No.1 audition program in the U.S., sent a video message for superstar wannabes. Cheering for the Asia’s No. 1 singing competition , Adam Lambert said “I have got to this point of my career through the audition process. As a result, my life has changed 180 degrees.” For those who want to be on the stage singing, Adam added, “If you think you've got a musical talent, give it a try, and apply. Now it’s your turn to have a great time of your life. Let's get it started!!.”
This year, global audition will be held in the USA(Los Angeles, NewYork, Boston)  and Vancouver Canada.

Since its first season in 2009, has become the Korea’s representative audition program, discovering and creating new stars such as Seo In Guk, Huh Gak, Ulala Session, Busker Busker and Roy Kim. And the number of applicants has been growing, recording 710,000 in 2009, 1.34 million in 2010, and 1.96 million in 2011. In 2012, the number of applicants for reached at 2.08 million, proving the program’s status as the largest audition for prospect stars. Preliminaries for applicants overseas have been held since in 2010, starting from Los Angeles of the United States. In 2012, the number of overseas applicants amounted to 6,000. And was aired to 11 countries, including the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and many Asian countries.