T-ara N4 to show different charms from T-ara

On April 22, T-ara’s new unit group T-ara N4 revealed the filming set of their upcoming music video for “Countryside Life.” In an interview, the members expressed their confidence saying, “We will show you a fresh new charm.”

JiYeon said, “We will be showing a lot of different charms apart from T-ara. We are expecting the music video to come out like a movie.”

Eunjung talked a bit about their upcoming concept. She stated, “In the past we showed off a pretty girl group image for songs such as ‘Roly Poly’ or ‘Lovey Dovey’ but this time, we are going to go for a different image.”

Hyomin who personally went to Japan with the staffs to buy the outfits, added, “For ‘Countryside Life’ we tried signature style where every person's individuality is expressed. We participated a lot in the music video as well and gave some ideas.”