Sooyoung transforms into a fairy in her new selcas!

On April 19, staff left a message on SNSD's official website and attached a beautiful fairy-like set of Sooyoung's selcas.

They wrote,

"Hello Hello! Ciao ciao baby sone~♥ Sooyoungie is in Osaka today,, ^-^ I can't believe that in few days will be the last concert .. ㅜㅜ.. can you believe that..ㅜㅜ Don't say goodbye.. say hello.. for each goodbye... there's always hello.. so please anticipate Sooyoungie who will make a comeback in a drama soon,, on the 21st.. Sooyoungie will be back,, along with after party pictures,, hoot ♥"~

Sooyoung's selcas were taken during her 'TheStar' magazine photoshoot. Doesn't she look so gorgeous here like a beautiful fairy?

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown
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