Son Ho Young wins ‘Master Chef Celebrity’ + gives prize to miss A’s Fei

Singer Son Ho Young triumphed in the finals of ‘Master Chef Celebrity’ on cable channel Olive TV, beating out two other celebrity finalists, Fei of miss A and comedian Shin Bong Sun.

Son Ho Young said, “I always wanted to become a professional cook before becoming a singer. I really hope I will be able to do more cooking. I’ll learn more. It is a pleasure to be cooking.”

The singer, who made a pledge that he will donate the prize if he becomes the final winner, will be fulfilling his promise. According to the management agency, he donated the money to a charity organization.

He also gave away the refrigerator he had received as a prize. It is said that Son Ho Young gave the prize refrigerator to miss A’s Fei which she would give as a present to her mother in China.