SM is the reason behind S.E.S. disbandment

Former S.E.S. member turned actress Eugene revealed the reason why SM Entertainment's first ever girl group disbanded.

On April 25th broadcast of MBC’s “Golden Fishery", Eugene appeared as a guest. Host Kang HoDong confirmed if S.E.S. dissolved because of money, in which Eugene denied.

She revealed, "Actually, Bada, Shoo and I wanted to renew our contract, but SM decided to renew it individually. It was the same with the first contract so they wanted to do the same."

She added, "Since we weren't able to agree with the contract we had decided to break up. We believed that we already reached the peek and have popularity. We all agreed and separated."

She also shared the difference between the situation of idol groups before and the present,

"Nowadays, idol group members can promote individually and as a group at the same time. They don't need to break up. But during our days, there's no system like that. If we do it, it feels like we're being disloyal to our members. In that case, we did everything as a group. If the situation was the same like now, we wouldn't have disbanded and maybe we're still promoting 'til now."

Watch her interview HERE.

Source: Imideo
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