SISTAR's Hyorin eats K.Will's popcorn

SISTAR’s Hyorin shared a photo of her on SISTAR's official twitter. These are photos supporting his labelmate, K.Will, on his funny idea--- wearing a popcorn headpiece as he won the week's chart of  KBS' "Music Bank".
On the photos, she held a bag of K.Will’s popcorn and ate some and tweeted, “This popcorn that K.Will gave me was really… a Love Blossom~popcorn!!!! The flower-petal-like popcorn are… ..the best!!! K.Will is the best!!! Love Blossom is the best!! ♥ It’s the best”
These two are really a good tandem not just in naughtiness, but also on showcasing their talent. SISTAR’s Hyorin and K.Will performed on KBS' "Music Bank" a timeless song by Ben Harney,When I First Saw You“.
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SOURCE: @sistarsistar