Selcas reveal Sunhwa-Kwanghee's relationship doesn't end on WGM

After concluding their virtual married life on We Got Married on April 20, Sunhwa uploaded couple of selcas together with Kwanghee.

Seems like the close relationship which is strengthen in the program doesn't end on the show. The two looked happy in the photos in which Kwanghee comfortably wraps his arm around Sunhwa's shoulder while taking the selca. They looked happy and close as they've always been.

Fans who saw the photos commented, "They are the most natural couple on this season so far.","Their close relationship is on and off screen.","Too sad that it ended already.","I hope they will date for real.","I will definitely miss this couple." and so on.

On April 20, Kwanghee and Sunhwa couple bid their goodbyes through a hidden camera prank by Kwanghee which is a deja vu of their first meeting.

Source: Sunhwa's twitter
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