'Rooftop Prince' cafe emerges in Tokyo, Yoochun's influence!

Due to the popularity of Park Yoochun's drama, a cafe named 'Rooftop Prince' emerged in Tokyo, Shibuya.

According to a Japanese website, 'Mandoka' will conduct an event starting from April 26-May 9 to celebrate the DVD release of the hit drama. This event is to commemorate the release of the 2nd edition DVD on May 10.

According to them, the cafe will be giving away signatured items and prizes. They will also show videos about the drama. Yoochun's favorite Japanese dish, 'Omurice' will also be available.

Meanwhile, this is the first time a cafe is named after a drama though Mandoka has already conducted events for SNSD, 2PM and Aziatix.

Source: Enews
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net