Psy’s concert to be broadcasted live on Mnet

Mnet will be streaming Psy’s concert live.

On April 13th, Psy will hold his anticipated ‘HAPPENING’ concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. In addition to being streamed live through Naver and Youtube, the concert will be broadcasted live through Mnet.

Mnet reveals that the project will be a large scale production and plans to use helicopters to effectively capture the happenings within the concert. The concert is expected to draw over 50,000 audience with over 3 billion won being used to produce it.

Mnet’s Ahn So Yeon CP said, “We are expecting a great number of fans to gather at the concert. We are doing every preparation we can to transfer the same energy and heat to others.”

Especially, Psy will be showcasing his new title track, “Gentleman”, for the first time during the concert. Fellow artists G-Dragon and Lee Hi are also confirmed to perform at the event.