Psy sets record with 100,000 horse-dancing fans

Singer Psy and 100,000 horse-dancing fans set a record as the largest number of people to dance in unison, according to the Korea Record Institute.

Last year on October 4th, Psy came for a short period to Korea to thank people for his mega hit song “Gangnam Style” and held a free concert at Seoul City hall. On that day, approximately 100,000 people had attended and enjoyed the show with him.

Korea Record Institute thoroughly went through different documents, reports, and reliable people's confirmation, and announced that the concert has officially set a record with greatest number of audiences.

Psy will be requesting Guinness World Records to admit the record as well. If Guinness World Records acknowledge the feat, he will have it for the second time since his music video of “Gangnam Style” has been certified for having the highest number of “like” on Youtube.