Psy achieves ‘perfect all-kill’ with “Gentleman” + sweeps iTunes chart

World sensation Psy has achieved a ‘perfect all-kill’ on the Korean music charts with its latest single “Gentleman” in addition to sweeping iTunes’ Top Singles chart in 38 countries.

Psy released his new song “Gentleman” to continue the “Gangnam Style” syndrome on April 12th in 119 countries. The song immediately achieved an all-kill status on real-time charts. The single also ranked first on the iChart on Instiz, certifying a ‘perfect all-kill’ on the chart.

Psy became the third artist to achieve the Instiz Chart All-Kill recognition for 2013 following Leessang and SISTAR19.

“Gentleman” also gained attention among foreign fans and swept the iTunes Chart. The single entered top 10 iTunes Single Chart in many Asian, European and South American countries, including topping the Vietnamese chart.