Photographer Bori’s last pictorial with Yoo Seung Ho released

Photographer Bori, a renowned photographer who passed away on April 8, had her last project with actor Yoo Seung Ho and the finished product was recently revealed to the public through publication company Wisdom House.

Yoo Seung Ho’s pictorial ‘Travel Letter, Spring Snow, And…’ features attractive and free photos of the actor enjoying his trip to Japan before enlisting in the army. It also contains full interview about his personal thoughts, worries, what he likes and his future, which was not revealed in anywhere else.

The photos emphasize Yoo Seung Ho’s charm as a boy who is at the cusp of manhood, looking innocent yet mature. They leave fans in high expectation for the actor’s return from the military as a full-grown man.

The photo book opened for preordering on March 25 and was officially released in bookstores on April 15.