miss A's Suzy shares secret behind her slim figure

Miss A's Suzy talked about how she keeps her body slim and fit.

On the broadcast of MBC Section TV Entertainment on March 31st, Suzy had an interview for a new segment of the show call "Star Ting". The interview was taken place at Architecture department of Konkuk University, many students were seen gathered around.

There was a board and the students wrote down questions that they wanted to asked Suzy. On one note, the question was about what Suzy usually does at the dorm, in which she replied "I read my script while doing the hula hoop". Then the reporter asked if she has a boyfriend and she replied "No"

Netizen commented,"That's why she has such a great body","I will start doing the hula hoop"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET