Lee Young Ae and her twins release pictorial with ‘ELLE’

Actress Lee Young Ae participated in a family pictorial with her twin children for the fashion magazine, ‘ELLE’.

The pictorial is a part of an advertisement campaign for the cable channel StoryOn. Lee Young Ae can be seen having a fun time with her twins, and she is giving a look that is full of love at their children.

At the following interview, she talked about the preciousness of our cultural heritage that she realized even more while filming the drama ‘A Jewel in the Palace.’ She said, “I wanted to make a contribution in preserving our beautiful tradition and cultural inheritance for our lovely children. Since the success of this campaign depends on many citizens’ participation, I hope to give as many help as possible.”

Regarding her family life, Lee Young Ae said, “I try to be satisfied and thankful for now, when my normal life and my life as an actress balances. I’m very thankful for my life these days.”