Lee Seung Gi shows amazing actions despite injury

Actor Lee Seung Gi is working hard despite of injury to show lively action acting in his latest MBC drama series, ‘Book of Goo Family’.

In the third and fourth episodes of the drama which previously aired, Lee Seung Gi managed to put perfect action scenes, jumping off roofs, fighting many men. When there are dangerous action scenes, injuries are inevitable.

Lee Seung Gi suffered from a painful cut on the back of his hand while fighting with the assassins during an action scene for episode four. However, after putting on first aids, the actor immediately moved on to the next scene, showing his passion toward the drama.

Producer Park Tae Young said, “Lee Seung Gi always surprises staffs by managing many dangerous actions scenes. He is devoting himself in the drama, and the viewers will be able to enjoy the drama even better.”