Lee JungYong’s son leaks B2ST's Hyunseung's phone number

On April 27th episode f SBS 'Star Junior Show BungOhBbang', actor Lee Jung Yong revealed a story, "My son Mid Eum and I are so mischievous  but I was shocked when he gave out B2ST Jang Hyunseung's personal number to a noona in the neighborhood. I don't know what to do and I scolded him alot."

His son, MidEum explained, "I told a noona in the school that I have phone numbers of ZE:A's Im Siwan and B2ST's Jang Hyunseung hyung. She said I'm good. I wanted to show off so gave Hyunseung hyung's. I didn't realized that it's bad."

The actor apologized through a video message and said that his son is young and asked for Hyunseung's understanding.

On the other hand, B2ST Hyunseung responded through a video message, "It's fine to reveal my number. Don't worry too much, in fact I'll give you my new phone number so keep it a secret."

Source: SportSeoul
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net