Kangta reveals f(x)’s Victoria is his ideal type

Singer Kangta picked labelmate f(x)’s Victoria as his ideal type.

On April 19, Kangta made a guest appearance on China Shenzhen’s popular variety program “Generation Show” where he was asked, “Is Victoria really your ideal type?”. Seemed a little flustered, he answered, “Victoria appeared in one of my music videos before she made her debut. But as soon as I released the song, I enlisted, so I saw the music video while I was in the army.”

Kangta continued, “When I saw her in the music video in the army, I thought, ‘She’s like an angel.’ I wanted to ask her out after I finish my military service. But when I finished, I had to give up because so many Korean celebrities were already going for her.”

He resolved with a confession, “She’s my ideal type.”