Jo Kwon invites 140 disabled children to his animation film’s premiere

2AM’s Jo Kwon has invited disabled children to the premiere of animated film ‘Pinnochio: The Secret of Donkey Island’, to which he dubbed for.

On April 16th, premiere of animation ‘Pinnochio: The Secret of Donkey Island’ was held at CGV Yongsan branch, and Jo Kwon, who participated in dubbing, invited 140 disabled children to enjoy the film. He also spent meaningful time with them through photo session and Q&A event.

Jo Kwon shared, “It was a very meaningful time for me, because I could spend a special time with children who are never losing their hope even in many difficult situations. I’d like to express great thanks to my fan club members who prepared this event with me.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon dubbed the voice behind the lovable character, Pinocchio in the film.

Source: StarN