Infinite says, "It's possible to date a fan"

In a drunken interview with 'trend idols' conducted by  Ilgan Sports, Infinite members shared their stories about love.

When asked a question if it would be possible to date a fan, Woohyun answered, "Nothing's impossible as long as I love her. Besides our fans are the most beautiful." Hoya added, "There was an instance where we see pretty fans in the front. When we go back to our waiting room, we ask each other, "Did you see her?" If she catches our attention,we will go to her and sing a song."

However, Sunggyu said, "Honestly, in our current situation, it'll be hard I guess."

In addition to that, the members generously shared their first love experiences.

Firstly, Hoya shared, "I had a unrequited love for a noona who is one year older than me when I was 18. Because of her, I had decided to live in Seoul with my grandma for few months." Sunggyu relived, "During my highschool days, I think I'd become crazy running to catch her because I really wanted to see her a lot."

Sungyeol surprisingly revealed that he dated a noona who was 5 years older than him. "I was in 2nd year high school when I dated a noona who is 5 years older than me. I saw her on the streets and ran to her to get her phone number. Because of that, we gradually became close."

Sungjong admitted that he still thinks of the memories he had with a girl of the same age he dated when he was in 3rd year middle school.

Source: Excerpt from Ilgan Sports
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