Infinite members greet Sunggyu a 'Happy Birthday!'

Today, Infinite's leader Sunggyu is celebrating his birthday. Therefore each members prepared their own greetings for him through their respective twitter accounts.

Hoya: Gyu hyung-nim, happy birthday

Dongwoo: ㅋㅋㅋ Gyu’s date of birth ~.~ We will live brightly!!! The life that is worth keeping for because it passes by euheuheu Life is like a party~!

Sungjong: Sunggyu hyung~!

Happy birthday~♥♥♥
Leader Gyu-nim who becomes my strenth~!
I love you~+_+♥♥
I’ll give you my selca as a gift ㅎㅎ

Sungyeol: I want to cheer the birthday of our cute Gyu-nim who is actually 30 years old if you estimate
Now that your age became like that, let me ask something!
Even though I am grateful, sir, please avoid doing cute things from now... These are my highly favors

L: Congratulations on your half of 50 years old, see you on stage

Sunggyu who received a lot of greetings, thanks fans as he wrote, "Thanks Infinite friends! I'll always be your cutie!"

Woohyun: Thank you to fans who greeted Gyu hyung ah a happy birthday ㅋㅋ I feel grateful that I can upload a charming selca~ We are making Gyu hyung happy. ㅋ Wookkikki Haha woogelgel

Source: Infinite members' twitter
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