G.NA and Il Hoon surprise fans with their kiss

On April 13th broadcast of MBC's Music Core, G.NA performed 'Oops!'. She caught the attention of male fans with her white meshed top which showed her proportioned body. Also in this special performance, G.NA planted a kiss on Jung Ilhoon's cheek that surprises the fans. She gave him a quick kiss and shyly smiled while IlHoon giggles.

G.NA will be concluding her 'Ooops!' promotions this week. On the other hand, Jung Ilhoon has started his promotions with his group BTOB and stated, "I've been busy these days but I still prefer working than resting. Therefore, I don't feel like resting or hardship."

Source: Newsen
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net