Folk Singer Im JiHoon Talks About His Son BTOB's Hyunsik!

BTOB's Im Hyunsik's father Im JiHoon who is a folk singer since 1987 talks about his son Hyunsik.

Im Jihoon was interviewed and during the interview he was asked about Hyunsik, "Your son debuted as a singer?" to which he replied, "Im Hyunsik of BTOB is my son. He has been busy lately so I couldn't meet him. He is enthusiastic about music, I hope he would be a good musician through facing challenges and learning from his mistakes. I would also like him to be a global artist so he would be able to promote our culture in other countries." showing that he is proud of his son. He then talked about Hyunsik as a son, he stated "Before he debuted, I had different belief about idols. I thought it was easy to be an idol but when I saw the process, I was in shock. It requires a lot of hard work to be a successful singer, working without breaks. They also have to protect their image, have to diet and take care of their body. Whenever I see Hyunsik, I feel that he is different from me, he went through a lot to be an idol." expressing his love for his son.

It is really good to see that parents are supportiveand proud of their son/daughter.

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