Dream Tea releases official statement on Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Tony An’s dating issue

Local news outlet SportsSeoul revealed an exclusive report on Apirl 16th regarding a fresh new idol couple which involves former H.O.T member Tony An and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. In addition to confirming the report, Girl’s Day’s management agency Dream Tea Entertainment released an official statement regarding the dating issue.

Dream Tea Entertainment stated through its official Twitter:
We want to apologize for all the concerns that has happened to our fans regarding Hyeri. First of all we want to show our deepest regret for not realizing the relationship before-hand.

After talking to Hyeri it has been found that they were a normal sunbae-hoobae relationship but after the comeback in March, Hyeri was contacted by him with an intention of serious manner. Attracted by his kindness and consideration they met several times and talked about each other.

However, it has been known that they have, so far, only shared advice about Showbiz and life. Hyeri, at the moment, is distraught at the news of their meetings and much interest.

We plead with all our sincereness to our fans and media to hold back speculations till further notice and once again we send our deepest regret to our fans for all the concerns caused.

Credit: girlsdaydaily