Dongwoo shares a picture of 'Happy Infinite'

Dongwoo shares a group photo with candid happiness and expresses his gratitude for their fans.

On April 20, he wrote on his twitter account, 

"A happy photo of being number 1. Again thank you!!! It's raining so I'm worried about the cold yeah yeah ! Avoid being sick... if you get sick you'll regret it everyday "

Attached to this is a group photo of Infinite showing their trophy.

In additional, Dongwoo also uploaded a selca and expressed his gratitude for their fans. He wrote,

"Woo yeah~.~ I'm lucky meeting Inspirits in this generation ㅠ Thanks for everyone of you who make effort! Because you always have time to support us, we always gain strength and smile. Healing here's a present before the weekend ends, for you who are still with us until now."

Source: Dongwoo's twitter
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