4-minute shares their experinces appearing on SNL

4-minute members shares their thoughts about their appearance on SNL.

The group has received a lot of attention when they appeared on SNL on April 27.
Nam Jihyun expressed, "It makes me happy when I appear on SNL Korea, because the show always makes us excited. We will do our best and tonight will be a good night."

4-minute's maknae added, "I'm really glad to appear in this show candidly since I've just turned 20 years old."

Hyuna continued, "Since our group name is 4minute, we will use 4mins to attract one person from the audience." and gives excitement to the anticipating audience. Park Jaebeon also joined them on stage and danced with them.

Source: TV Report
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net