ZE:A5 to show sweet and romantic side with first unit album

ZE:A’s unit group ZE:A5 will kick off their first unit performance on this week’s episode Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ and will showcase lighter sounds and dandier looks.

On March 25, ZE:A5 released their first album ‘Voulez-vous’ featuring the title song “The Day We Broke Up”. According to the unit group, “ZE:A5 will focus more on emotional aspect while ZE:A showed more masculine side and focused on performances.”

“The music would be the biggest difference between ZE:A and ZE:A5. We mostly showed our masculine looks and powerful performances so we wanted show other sides of us such as the warm softness of a nice boyfriend in the title song ‘The Day We Broke Up’,” Kevin explained.

Hyungshik added, “Spring is getting nearer, and there are many albums with similar concepts. Differences that we have are that we can show vocal skills while dancing, and we are trying to show more intimate approach.”

ZE:A5 will have their first performance on ‘M! Countdown’ on March 28th.