Yoon Si Yoon reveals that he has more than 2000 books at home

Yoon Si Yoon revealed his fondness for books and drinking habit.

On February 27th, Yoon Si Yoon made an appearance in SBS's "One Night TV", he with the MC went to an old bookstore and he expressed his love for books there. He then revealed that he owns more than 2000 books at home, he shared that his dream is to have himself a big library with staircases.

Then the actor along with the MC went into a restaurant and he was asked about his drinking ability, he said that he can drink from 1-2 bottles of soju. He then talked about his drinking habit,"When I'm drunk, I become full of energy, and I will wake my friends up".

Yoon Si Yoon recently finished filming for tvN's drama "Flower Boy Next Door", and the last episode was aired last tuesday. It's revealed that tvN will show a special episode of the drama next week.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET