Yang Hyun Suk's expression while watching Lee Ha Yi's performance,"Like a proud father"

Yang Hyun Suk showed his proud face while watching Lee Ha Yi's performance.

In the latest episode of SBS's "KPop Star Season 2"  on March 10th, Lee Ha Yi performed her latest song "It's Over" for the 1st time. Lee Ha Yi showed more confidence and her stage presence has improved this time. Maybe those were the reasons behind Yang Hyun Suk's smile while he was watching her performance.

Yang Hyun Suk said,"I have always been watching Lee Ha Yi in the practice room, but today I watch her perform on the stage, I feel a little bit strange","Lee Ha Yi has lost much weight recently. Please do not misunderstand, I didn't ask her to lose her weights, it was because of her excellent self-management"

BoA also said,"Lee Ha Yi today is really amazing. And she has become more beautiful after losing weights"

Park Jin Young also praised,"Song, singing skill,concept,arrangement, all are perfect"," In "1,2,3,4" there was a little awkward, but the feeling this time it seems she has really become a real singer"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET