SHINee's Onew involves in another controversy

SHINee's Onew "middle finger" controversy hasn't ended yet and now he's involved in another one.

The first controversy happened on March 18th, and it was during Younha's "Starry Night" radio when Onew was spotted flicking before the streaming started. It has become a hot topic and received mix reactions from netizens. SM later released a statement that Onew was just joking around with his member and he didn't know that it was captured on screen, he was deeply self-reflecting and promised that it won't happen in the future.

But later today another controversy was spreading. It was three days before the first incident happened, when SHINee was at Incheon airport to Thailand for 'MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok', and the thing that captured netizen was Onew's hat. It was the hat with the caption 'WELCOME MOTHERF ★ CKER", and netizesn realized that it was the same hat Girl' Generation Sunny and Seohyun wore in 'I Got A Boy' MV.

There have been many reactions towards the issue this time from netizens,"This hat causes so much trouble","It seems that SM artists love this hat","No one talked when he wore it. just because of the previous incident now they're digging it up","There are many idols who have worn clothes that have sensitive stuff why Onew is the only one who get all the bashful comments"

What do you think?

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET