SHINee’s Onew gets in another trouble for smoking

Currently creating stir with middle finger incident and dating rumor, SHINee’s Onew is caught up in yet another controversy and this time, for smoking electronic cigarette.

A press recently reported about Onew and After School Jung Ah’s dating scandal, and showed photos of them together taken in Apgujeong-dong. One of the photos caught the attention of the netizens which showed Onew puffing on an electronic cigarette.

The photo has been a shock to the public and met with mixed reactions. Some netizens have been defending Onew by saying, “He’s an adult and he wasn’t on broadcast ”, “I was surprised, but I can understand” and more.

However, a number of other netizens commented, “I liked him because of his youthful image”, “He’s in a deep trouble” and “He needs to take care of his image.”

What are your thoughts about this?