SHINee's Key checks his mobile phone during live performance?

SHINee's Key clarifies the controversy about him checking his phone while performing on stage.

SBS's "Midnight TV" which was aired on March 14th, the show visited and had an interview with SHINee in the waiting room. When it was mentioned that there was one member using his phone on stage, Key said,"Who did such an absurd thing?", then a photo was shown to the members and Key immediately said,"Oh it's me".

Key then cleared up by saying,"My mic pack fell off and it was dangling, and I was winding it up to put it in my pocket then this picture was taken", and concluded that it was his mic pack not his phone.

He also added,"If one person is panicked on stage then everyone will be panicked as well, so it's better to act like nothing happened", showed his professional attitude.

Check out the video below

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET