SHINee Talks About Their 'Dream Girls'!

Group SHINee talks about their 'Dream Girls' on Star1 magazine.

SHINee will be featured and will be on the cover in the April issue of Star1 magazine. In the magazine, members of the groups honestly revealed their ideal types through the interview. Leader Onew started with "My ideal type is someone who has passion for her work and who is determined to do it." Followed by Minho saying "I like someone who gives me a lot of attention even though she is busy." Maknae Taemin then said "It's because I am still young, I dont think about that a lot but I think it would be someone who is responsible." Key shared "A girl who reflects me. My dream girl is the one who I get along well with." Jonghyun concluded the interview saying "A girl is a nice fox, I dont like a bad fox."

Do you have the traits that SHINee are looking for in a girl?

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