Shin Bora receives hugs from SHINee

Shin Bora is really the luckiest girl.

In the broadcast of KBS's "Gag Concert" on March 10th, during the "Discovery of Life" segment, SHINee made a guest appearance as Shin Bora' boyfriends on the show. They sang "Noona Is So Pretty" on the show and said,"Noona is Shin Bora". Later they even performed their newest song "Dream Girl" and said,"Shin Bora is our dream girl", made everyone especially female audiences feel jealous over Shin Bora.

There was a part when the members acted like the were fighting over the her, and she even got hugs from all the members.

Netizens after watching the broadcast commented,"So envy with Shin Bora","SHINee is so handsome","She must be really happy", and so on

Check out the video below

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET