Reply 1997's Eun JiWon divorces with his wife

“Till death do us part… through sickness and in health.” were some of the vows that Eun Ji Won and his non-celebrity  wife swore to each other in their wedding in Hawaii on April 2010.

But after two years of keeping the promises, they unfortunately untie their knots. A press release was conducted by Eun Ji Won’s agency saying, “Due to differences in beliefs and personalities, they decided to divorce in August 2012 and make a new beginning alone.”

The agency said that they released the news after 6 months because they want to protect Eun Ji Won’s ex-wife’s privacy.

The agency finalized the press release with this statement, “Eun Ji Won stayed with his parents for a moment, but he is living alone now. He’s preparing for new music releases and broadcast projects.”

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Source: XsportsNewsNewsen