Psy’s new song, another hit?

We all know that ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’ of Psy garnered world’s attention. It even reached more than one billion views in YouTube, the #1 Most Watched Video.

YG Entertainment plans to release Psy’s new song on April. The question is, will it be another ‘Gangnam Style’?
Now, Psy is said to be working on finding another taste of laugh factor to be added on his music video for the song. He wanted it to be far from ‘Gangnam Style’ attack.
“We’ll need feedbacks that my new song is totally different from ‘Gangnam Style’s touch of humour, so we’re currently searching for that fun factor.”, said Psy.

Two great persons are also working for Psy’s new baby, Composer Yoo Gun Hyung, a “Gangnam Style” apprentice, completed the song in Los Angeles with Psy; and Yang Hyun Suk approved for the first version and added two cents for the 2nd and 3rd edits of the song.

April will be the month for our questions to be answered.

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SOURCE: sportworld