Psy makes changes to upcoming title track

Currently getting ready to unveil the follow-up song to “Gangnam Style”, Psy revealed that he made a bit of change to his upcoming new song before its big release.

On March 18th, Psy posted on his personal me2day, “As I told yesterday, I will be giving a bit of change to ‘Assarabia’. The song is one of the two title track candidates. As it seemed unclear through articles, yhe title and lyrics will be changed. And the other follow up song can be the single.”

Assarabia” is a Korean slang word for ‘awesome’ and was previously reported to be the new single. However, the song is only a candidate yet and Psy will be releasing more hints as soon as things get decided.

Recently, Psy revealed, “I’m thinking in between two songs. One gives an impression similar to ‘Gangnam Style’ and the other gives a completely different impression.”

Meanwhile, Psy will unveils his new single during his concert titled “Happening” at Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 13.