Original names of popular KPop groups & idols revealed

What if Super Junior is not Super Junior? What if Big Bang is not the Big Bang we know? How about Wonder Girls and TVXQ?

But entertainment is an experimental business, let's check out the original names of some popular KPop idols.

1. Wonder Girls' nearly debuted as ‘L.C‘(Ladies Club). Sun was named ‘Sunny’, Sohee was named ‘IC’, and Yenny was named ‘Silver’, HyunA was ‘Mint’, and Mimi was ‘Berry’.

2. Big Bang was named ‘Diamond‘. 

T.O.P was named ‘Mark’, Daesung was named ‘Big Castle’, Seungri was named ‘Sonic’, and Taeyang was named ‘Taekwon’.

3. TVXQ was named ‘O Jang Yook Boo‘ which represents all the internal organs in the body. 

4. Super Junior‘ Leeteuk was named ‘Kangsoo’, Shindong was named ‘Woodong’,Kangin was named ‘Woongdam’, and Kyuhyun was named ‘Kwihyun’.

What do you think, will they still be able to conquer the world if they used their original names?

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: naver