MBLAQ’s G.O and Mir to sing OST for ‘IRIS 2’

After hyping up the fans by hinting at a new track, MBLAQ’s G.O confirmed that he will be releasing a self-produced OST single alongside fellow member, Mir.

Their agency, J.Tune Camp announced the exciting news by tweeting, “#MBLAQ tomorrow March 20 at noon! Iris 2 OST G.O & Mir “I Am A Fool” will be released! Who could be the composer that is eagerly working on his music in the photo~ yo~!”

To add to the excitement, G.O also posted, “Tomorrow March 20th (Wed) daytime 12 o’clock
Me and Avengers, ‘Iris 2 OST G.O&Mir – I’m Like A Fool’ produced together with Mir will be revealed^^ I request lots of love.”

Co-produced by G.O and Mir, the OST single “I Am A Fool” will be released through various music sites on March 20th. Are you excited?