MBLAQ kicks off ‘Mona Lisa’ promotions in Japan

MBLAQ has dropped their third Japanese single ‘Mona Lisa’, breaking one and half year’s hiatus in the country.

On March 27, MBLAQ released the Japanese single ‘Mona Lisa’ and officially kicked off their promotions. The new single included the Japanese version of their two 2011 hit tunes “Mona Lisa” and “Cry”.

J.Tune Camp stated, “MBLAQ held their ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR’ last year in six countries Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, fans gave the most enthusiastic responses to ‘Mona Lisa.’ Fans gave the most enthusiastic responses to ‘Mona Lisa’ so we pick the song as the title tune of the new single.”

MBLAQ had a new recording session, music video and jacket image shootings, and gave a whole new breathe to ‘Mona Lisa’. In addition, advertisements and promotional vehicles has been circulating around the cities of Shinjuku, Shibuya and more.