Lee Minjung cuts her toenails at the filming set?

Lee Min Jung shows her carefree personality by revealing a story of herself at the filming set.

SBS's "Midnight TV" which was aired on 27th featured an interview with actress Lee Min Jung, and she shared a story of herself,"I cut my toenails while I was at the filming scene. I think it's just a normal thing but in fact everyone around me were very surprised upon seeing me doing that." She then said loudly,"Because we're actresses but we also have to cut our toenails", made everyone laugh over her sense of humour.

Lee Min Jung also said,"I have a carefree personality. Many people prejudiced against the actresses but actually we're not usually like that"

In addition, Lee Min Jung's new drama "All About My Romance" will start airing on April 4th.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET