LEDApple covers SHINee’s “Dream Girl”

After trying its hand at SHINee’s “Sherlock, LEDApple has now returned with their cover performance of “Dream Girl” for this week’s episode of LEDApple’s ‘Music Note’.

On March 12th, LEDApple shared its band cover of “Dream Girl” on its Youtube channel. Instead of showing the members playing inside the studio room, the boys revealed a special music video, which was planned and filmed by LEDApple themselves.

The video includes the captions, “After watching the comeback performance of SHINee, a team that LEDApple has been a fan of, the decision to take their new track into this 10th episode of Music Note was made. LEDApple’s interest and confidence for this track was so great that group meetings were held in determining the direction in which to remake "“Dream Girl”.”

Check out the cover below: