Kwak Jungwook, who almost debut with Infinite, takes selca with L

Kwan Jungwook, who was trained with Infinite members before the group's debut, takes a proof shot with L as they unite.
On March 1, L uploaded a selca taken with one of Infinite's original members Kwak Jungwook and wrote,

"Inspirits be careful going home~ MC-nim..I’ll work hard". After that, Jungwook also tweeted a photo with L and wrote, "A proof shot of my reunion with Infinite's L. Myungsoo ya now you can come to filming sets... honestly, it's not true that you can't act."

Fans commented, "Glad to see that they have still connection with each other." ,"They must be feeling very glad to see each other." and so on.

Sources: L and Jungwook's twitter
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