Jay Park chases stalkers away through his twitter

When you are a very well-known artist, there’s no doubt that you will have lots of followers. And sometimes, it becomes literal. Literal in a way that they even go to their houses and sneak around.

In connection with that, last March 9, Jay Park posted a tweet saying, “Don’t become a stalker fan~^^”

A sasaeng fan is like paparazzi in America. They will really chase their idols wherever they’ll go. For short, a stalker.

Here’s the series of tweets between Dok2 and Jay Park:
Jay Park: “Don’t become a stalker fan~^^”
Dok2: “I will be one”
Jay Park: “But I’m already your stalker…”
Dok2: “Ah no surprise…”

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net