How Cube Entertainment trained M4M?

Group M4M shared how Cube Entertainment trains their trainees.

During the showcase of M4M which was held on the 13th, leader Jimmy said "We had dance and vocal classes everyday and every Tuesday was our evaluation. We also had humanity education because in Cube, it is really important." to which BTOB's Hyunsik who was the MC of the showcase said "We didn't complain  a lot when we were trainees but every time we got our evaluation, we got stressed. And also don't forget about sex education" proving Cube Entertainment focuses more on humanity education rather than skills.

Members also shared their hardships when they communicate with each other as they are from different Asian countries and having a hard time getting used to Korean language and the culture as well.

Meanwhile, M4M had their first debut stage on the 14th on Mnet ‘MCountdown’ and will start their showcase in China.

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